In the current market, customers are holding on to a more varied and broader portfolio of assets. So customers need guidance on an area that is more comprehensive than before.

The team works cohesively to provide a complete, wide-ranging, yet in depth evaluation of each customer’s needs and aims, and customers are in great hands each step of the method.

SARS is a worldwide real estate advisory company with a focus on Asian nations that are dynamic and created since 1984 in Singapore.

Our Vision
To be Asia most trustworthy and treasured real estate counselors.

Our Assignment
When we GUIDE at SARS, we carry on the professionalism of our business:
We’re a PLEASE to work with and COMPREHENSIVE
We supply WORTH in all our transactions and WORTH relationships
We always INNOVATE to stay competitive and fulfill our duties with ETHICS
We plan to MEET at all times and are HONEST
We’re EDUCATED and strive to provide a carrying through ENCOUNTER for all